Monday, November 26, 2007

In My Experimental Cookie.

Melanie and I made up these cookies today during a fit of exasperation on my part. This exasperation was due entirely to Melanie's stupid fucking pinball score which I will never ever beat but will keep trying until I kills me. Literally. It will kill me. So we made up some cookies. Chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips & coconut. I decided to add some of those teeny semisweet chips because I had a bag laying around that was about 85% full and I was never going to use 'em. Now it's about 70% full and I will probably never use 'em.

To summarize:
These cookies will be incredibly rich but still delicious.
I will never win at that motherfucking pinball game but I will keep trying until I have a panic attack that manifests as my head actually exploding. It will be messy. And I will still be a loser at that goddamn stupid terrible fucking game.


CJ said...

What pinball game is this that you speak of?

Melanie said...

It's Mr. Men pinball on It' blocked at work now. And Laura will never ever beat me. I AM A PINBALL WIZARD!!! Those cookies were very good and very popular with the masses.