Friday, September 26, 2008


So, who else is watching the debate right now?
(Probably, hopefully, a lot of you.)

1. John McCain is older than dust.
2. His smugness is driving me crazy.
3. Obama's voice is very soothing, making me a little less angry about Raisin McCain's bitch face. Thank goodness.
4. I should start keeping a Reagan Reference tally. Geez.
5. McCain isn't flexible, he can't even lift his arms! Cherish refuses to vote for someone who can't raise their arms. I think this is fair.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Living in a collage.

My first order of business is a matter of clarification: Cookie Tuesday is dead and buried but this blog is not! I like to listen to myself talk (read myself write?) way too much to let that happen. My ego needs the sweet caress a blog brings.

My second order of business is a matter of excitement!: I finally started hanging things up in my room and it is awesome! I feel like I live inside of my collage. I also have cleared out nearly all of the bins and boxes taking up 1/3 of my bedroom space. This too is exciting but not nearly as exciting as finally having my little Clint Eastwood photo that I rescued from Goodwill for 99 cents up on the wall along with my Night of the Living Dead poster and the old records my brother and I painted. Now prepare yourself for way too many pictures of my room:

Ugh. These photos are fucking grainy. It was at night, right around 9:15 according to the eight million clocks featured in a number of these photos, and my overhead light is obviously sub-par. My camera really isn't this shitty, honest! But my walls really are green, honest!

It should be known that I like clocks far too much. A result of that love is the accumulation of at least 8 clocks. It's not so bad spread out in this new place but in my last little studio? My apartment ticked. Oh! This is also the only photo I have of my new curtains, and it is only sort of a photo of my curtains. But they are awesome. My moms sewed them for me. The top of this one looks weird because I have it folded up above my AC unit, normally it looks even more awesome than this. And, obviously, my room would include a little Johnny Cash. OBVIOUSLY.

Did I mention that I have slopey walls on two sides of my room? This proved to be a bit of a decorating challenge but I feel like I triumphed. On this side at least. The other side is above my bed so my plan is to hang up a nice fabric panel. (P.S. Check the X Files poster! I am proud of that cheap ebay find for sure.)

This is one of my favorite clocks! Oh, I do love clocks. Also, my first license plate. That fish hanging on the hook will probably not stay there, that would be too ridiculous, but for now he has a home there.

A little dresser view. Another one of my favorite clocks, a mini tray from a certain Cape Cod road trip and in the cubby below the mirror you can see my most ridiculous necklace featuring a cow behind a half-door. This half-door actually flips open to reveal a farmer milking said cow. It was my grandpa's.A small sub-section of my hat collection, these are some of the more practical hats. Also some of Melanie's artwork!!!! (Upper right).

My third order of business is a matter of excitement as well, although a little bit lamer than the last: I got a job!!! This is indeed a good thing. I was nearly to the point of putting on that red light. It's 3 blocks away which is also a good thing. And I will have a source of income which is sincerely a GOOD THING. I have very few skills so I lucked out pretty seriously.

My fourth order of business is, naturally, a matter of excitement!: I am making a few cookies today for some very special people at my former place of employment. Prepare accordingly.

My fifth and final order of business is simply this: