Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Year End Updatastic!

Hello Dear Friends,

I have been a slouch when it comes to my recent Cookie Tuesday updates. Partly because they have been boring repeat cookie and partly because I forget everything all the time!

So I will give you an update on the cookies & crafties portion of my life over the last few weeks:

I started knitting 2 or 3 weeks ago and have completed one puny but adorable green fuzzy scarf, one citron scarf that is serious about keeping me warm and covered and that is all. But I am working on another project that will be a (hopefully) wonderful gift for a friend.
I have also started reading way more knitting and crafting blogs which is due in large part to Cherish's recommendations. With all the reading I have come up with a myriad of craft ideas, none of which have actually been started yet. I'm confident I'll get there, though.
My cookies as of late have been relatively boring, some oatmeal something or others, some peanut butter chocolate chunks.
I did make a large batch of oatmeal, dried blueberry & semisweet chocolate cookies that I divvied up and gifted to family members last night. They seemed pretty excited about them, especially since they have been aware of my baking chops for a few years.
And! And! AND! As a Christmas gift I got the heaviest bag ever. That is because it contained:
1 10 lb bag of organic all purpose flour
1 10 lb bag of organic granulated sugar
1 large bag of semisweet chocolate chips
1 silpat mat
I was the most excited about that gift. When I got home last night I was so tired that I just left it in my car. However, if a baking emergency pops up at any point throughout the day and perhaps even tomorrow I will have some supplies!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Cookie Potluck Hooray!

Today was tremendously delicious. And I tremendously neglected to photograph any of it.
I made peanut butter blossoms. You know, those peanut butter cookies with a hershey's kiss on top? They were all right, I guess.

The moral of this story is:
1. Cookie potlucks are awesome
2. Peanut butter blossoms are okay

Monday, December 3, 2007

National Cookie Day! Hooray!

Tuesday is National Cookie Day!!!!!!

In honor of this truly joyous occasion I whipped up a few Loreos. I slipped some mini semisweet chips in the filling in approximately half of the cookies. I was not entirely confident that it was enough of an enhancement to alter the whole batch but I did think it was worth a try.

I had this whole tremendously beautiful plan for my evening:
Stop at the grocery store briefly to grab eggs, butter & cream cheese. Run on home. Mix up the cookies & bake them. Store the cookies. Go to Melanie & Cherish's for the dramatically delicious "Heroes" finale. Run on home. Mix up the cream cheese & powdered sugar filling. Spread between all the cookies. Throw the cookies on a tray. (Do not literally throw the cookies on a tray.) Shove in refridgerator until morning is nigh.

I fucked all this up because I did not take into account the fact that I would not actually do this. I would instead laze around until the "Heroes" finale. Then stop at the grocery store on my way home from their house. Run on home. Mix up the cookies & filling. Etc, etc, etc. So my perpetual procrastination pervades me once again.
But that was some sweet alliteration, huh? Huh? I know it! I was pretty excited about that one.

So my plan for the rest of this evening is this:
Get some motherfucking sleep. I will do my best at this. It will be a valiant attempt no matter the outcome.