Monday, November 12, 2007


This photo showcases my cute silverware, most favorite mid-70s pyrex mixing bowl (it's pea green!) and the best lookin' dough in town. Oatmeal cookies look far better in dough form.

This is a true fact just for you.

And I will argue this point with a photo.
Because that is the only way I know how.
Because I got a C in debate class.
Because I didn't really pay very much attention.
Because I was too busy reading/writing on the haiku corner.
Can you blame me?! Probably.
Should you?! No.

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rahfie said...

i am probably the only person who understand the haiku corner. today, a 10th grader stopped working on her assignment, trucked over to the corner, hung up a picture of a guy with ample nose hair, and wrote a haiku about said nose hair. it was awesome.