Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is almost like blasphemy.

I am coming to you not on a late Monday evening but instead an early early Sunday morning. And I'm not baking cookies. Oh, no. That scent lurking from the oven is that of biscotti. It smells good and treasonous.

My big brother's birthday was on Thursday. And I am massively tardy in getting my shit together for this one. But I baked him biscotti. Baked goods are my favorite gift to give because it's cheap & easy (like me!).

So I made chocolate biscotti with dried cherries & white chocolate and regular biscotti with bittersweet chocolate and toasted almonds!

And I have no fucking clue as to their deliciousness. Not only will I not be trying one until tomorrow when I bring half of each loaf to brunch but I also don't like biscotti much. Oh, by the way, I am hypercritical of myself. So, basically, I will say it's barf even if it isn't. Because to me, that's what my baked goods taste like.

P.S. I know, I know, I know! That tray is too large for the quantity of biscotti I'm bringing to brunch tomorrow! But I really like the tray and this way I could do a fun single level arrangement of my contrasting biscottis!

And now for something sort of different but still related to baking.

The Cookie Tuesday Potluck!!!:

As Melanie said, "Cookies as far as the eye can see." So about a thousand million people brought cookies in and we ended up making $39.04 which is pretty choice!

I am constantly surprised when people donate lots of money or bring in cookies. I am way too cynical and smarmy to believe in the good nature of individuals. That's not really true. But it's almost true. And I just realized I had my shoulders hunched up to my ears. Which is kind of uncomfortable.

The moral of today's lesson:
People are apparently not assholes and I decided to try my hand at biscotti. Those events are unrelated. Also, don't hunch, kids!

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