Monday, May 19, 2008

Too Delicious.

I have a huge problem making coconut macaroons. They are way too delicious. They are too delicious in all forms:
1) Before you even mix that stuff together, oh man! I am a coconut fan.
2) Before you even bake that stuff it is awesomely delicious. It is also awesomely stomachache inducing if you have too much dough.
3) After you bake them they are, of course, deliciously crispy and light.

4) And after you dip them in semisweet chocolate? I think you get the point.

And this now has nothing to do with cookies!

Every year I plant the window box below the adorable blue window of the sauna room up at my cabin. Last weekend was window box time:

I would've taken a photo after I actually planted it but my camera died. I will tell you that it looked awesome, though. And I will tell you that I will be sure to take a photo of it when I'm back up there in a month or so for ChuckFest. By then it will be looking even more stylish I bet.

I also planted this at the cabin:

This is the friendly city flamingo, Rhonda. She is now the friendly cabin flamingo and experiencing dirt for the first time since she was gifted to me 4 years ago. I think she will be happy there.

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