Monday, April 21, 2008

Mr. Sanding Sugar S. Lobster, Esquire.

These are slightly deformed lobster sugar cookies. The cookie cutter is entirely adorable and wonderful but, of course, when you bake stuff it's shape changes slightly. These turned into mermaids with 'roid arms or perhaps someone with a billowy shirt on singing one of those jesus tunes like they show on the Time Life CD commercials.

Deformed or not these are pretty tasty. For sugar cookies.

I am going to create an entirely wonderful tablescape tomorrow!!!! I washed off some shells, rocks and beach glass which I will bring in for around the cookie tray. Also, Melanie suggested I print off some oceanic views to lay around the table. Basically it will be our vacation in delicious cookie form!!!

Here are my shells being cleansed:

Also, I will share this with you:
Rolled out cookie dough feels awesome under a floured hand. If you are a person who is similar to me, at least.

One last thing:


Cherish said...

These cookies look awesome - even with their enlarged biceps. I like the "sand"ing sugar - well played!

cp said...

i believe you can use the same cookie cutter during the winter holidays as snow angels.