Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I feel like I must tell you about something I truly, deeply love. That thing is BRINNER!

The only thing that could make this meal any better would be a tiny ribbon of ketchup on that egg white omelet. I feel like this is one of my most Midwestern moments. Eggs & Ketchup & Cinnamon Raisin Bread. Brinner is a beautiful thing. It is also deliciously unhealthy. Well, not entirely unhealthy. Just look at that orange juice! No scurvy for me!

Also, Melanie's idea of making a lobster cookie spectacular for Cookie Tuesday today proved to be a most excellent one. The tablescape was wicked pissah!

Do you feel like you are totally in the ocean right now? I KNOW.

P.S. I take back everything I said about my brinner (except for the scurvy part). I added too much pepper to my omelet and now feel like vomit. Brinner could be a wonderful thing. It should be a wonderful thing. I am just complete garbage when it comes to cooking.

Peace out yo! I've got waffle batter to beat!

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CJ said...

It seems like your brinner wasn't all that unhealthy. Sad to hear it didn't go so well for you.

Emily made me brinner the other night. We had silver dollar pancakes with fried eggs, and sausages (which unfortunately came off more as tiny hot dogs and less the scrumptious breakfast meat we were hoping for). It was delicious.