Saturday, March 1, 2008


No, your eyes do not deceive you. Those are indeed SUPERMAN CUPCAKES.

Leap Day was Superman's earth birthday. Antonio Sabato Jr, Dennis Farina, Ja Rule, and the founder of Shakerism also celebrated the day of their birth.

So, in honor of the spandex clad man I made some cupcakes. 42 cupcakes.

I also baked rosemary bread for the Caesar spread Melanie set up. Caesar did not wear spandex or a cape, nor did he fly through the sky. What he did do was start Leap Day. That is a feat of an entirely different sort but a feat no less.

How good does that table look? I know! Also, it was a considerably delicious meal. Delicious.
That punch was not only delicious, it was also very good looking. And looks are the most important thing. At least, that is the word on the street. What the kids are saying.

Here is my decently tasty rosemary bread. My first successful kneaded bread. Hooray for bread! Hooray for Superman! Less hoorays for hearing my upstairs neighbors having sex. The bad thing about having a bed on wheels is that my neighbors also have beds on wheels. This makes noise. Squeaky, loud noises. Especially on wood floors. If this were Project Runway right now Christian would totally be giggling about their sex noises right now. Also, if this were Project Runway that would be awesome.

Cut to sliced bread:

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