Thursday, March 27, 2008

Holy Blogging Batman!

This is exactly what I was worried about upon receiving my shiny new camera: Serial blogging. Well, spree blogging is probably the more accurate term. A rash of blogs within in a short time period. My new camera, of course, being the trigger. I watch too many crime dramas.

Now, let us enter a magical world where few have walked:

Hello Table!

Hello Questionable Birds!
Hello Various Spices!

Hello Fucking Wonderful Bourbon Vanilla!!!

Hello Plastic Cow Whose Original Purpose I Am Unsure Of But Has Become My Personal Kitchen Mascot!

Hello Beautiful Butter Dish!

Hello Sifter!

Hello Microwave Topped With A Variety Of Flours!

Hello Gigantic Wall Drug Magnet!

Hello Attractive New Kitchen Towels!

Hello Adorable Vintage Jars Filled With My Most Favorite Utensils!


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