Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back From The Dead.

After finishing the semester, getting through the holidays, working a butt load, and finally getting some sleep.
And after uploading 463 photos a few days ago, then uploading 202 of those to flickr and of course titling, tagging, and organizing those...

I am finally ready to blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, life update:

-I finished my first semester back with one A (drawing), two Bs (french and history of rock & roll) and a B- (biology)
-On Monday, the 12th, I start spring semester. I'm significantly more excited about this one:
-Advanced Drawing (Naked People)
-Social Psychology
-I'm working a lot less this month which is good for my sanity and sleep schedule but bad for my bank account.
-On May 19th I will be flying to Hawaii for 5 days to visit my brother. HAWAII FOR 5 DAYS. I'm fairly excited about this, obviously. HAWAII.
-One of my roommates, Cherish, is broken and the other one, Melanie, is illin' right now. I am afraid for my health.

Commence photos:

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cp said...

the turf club should pay you for those photos. so, my camera can do this cool stuff too? i am overwhelmed with trepidation.