Monday, November 17, 2008

Fort Polio and other things.

1. Here's my sort of kind of portfolio:

2. I'm a little embarrassed by how much I enjoy doing inventory at the shoe shop.
3. So, I haven't uploaded too much recently because I haven't taken too many photographs lately but any feedback over here on my flickr would be truly appreciated! I actually mean this!
4. I need to make a stencil of something, ANYTHING, for my drawing class tomorrow. For class last Thursday we were supposed to bring in:
-A stick the length of our right leg
-A few sheets of different colored paper
-A stencil of something
Most of the people in my class brought none of these things so we did another stick related activity but now tomorrow is our actual stick, etc drawing day. And I did in fact make a stencil for class last week but my teacher told me to make a new one that wasn't so half-assed and actually had something to do with my drawing aesthetic. So here I am, trying to think of how the fuck to do this. Last week the dude that sits next to me in class busted out his fucking nuts stencil and I'm supposed to compete with that? No, actually, it's drawing class so I'm not supposed to compete with that but I can't help but want to. Then his drawing was also fucking nuts. Ugh.
5. We're watching kare11 right now and they're doing this story about a guy who drives trucks to construction sites and has a duck as his friendly copilot. This is really bothering me. I'm sick of this fucking duck. WHY IS THIS STORY REAL AND ON THE NEWS?

Stupid ducks and stupid stencils.

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