Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WARNING: This might be lame.

Right now I am blogging about a dream I had last night. This is probably going to bore you but I have been thinking about this dream all day long and I must blog it before I forget it! There is no other choice!

Let me set the stage:

A commune on an island a ferry ride away from the mainland of a coastal state (I am skeptical that this island is actually in existance).
A large tract of land housing vegetable gardens, chicken coops, wildflower fields, wheat fields, fruit trees, berry bushes, and a small brewery.
Built into a large hillside is a three story home. Inside this home are lots of fantastic mid century modern pieces of furniture, heavy oak kitchen tables and counters, lots of vintage stylings and approximately 12 bedrooms decorated to the taste of the inhabitant.
To be sure, there are additional buildings however the only one my brain can seem to
remember is the stylish but cozy home where we drank our tasty smoothies and housed our library.
For breakfast there are delicious smoothies and scrambled eggs.
For lunch there are sandwiches with freshly baked bread surrounding just-out-of-the-garden vegetables.
For dinner there are courses of fresh salads, home-made pastas, vegetable stir-fries, and rustic fruit desserts.
There are windmills and solar panels providing all the energy needed to commune.
In this commune are several dozen people all living together, drinking smoothies together, reading classics together, growing shit together and generally being all cooperative. Not only are they being all cooperative they are also having lively and enjoyable conversations. These
people who are having interesting conversations while hanging out by the chicken coop drinking home-brewed beer are, for the most part, people I know in my real non-dream life.


We are all hanging out in a commune, picking wildflowers and drinking tasty beer. We are having exciting conversations, reading books, making fucking tasty smoothies, and sitting in attractive furnishings.


When I explained this dream to Melanie and Cherish Melanie reminded me of a previous commune dream I had with people I know in my non-dream realm. However, there are a couple of key differences between these commune dreams:
1. In my most recent commune dream there was no spaghetti throwing by catty bitches.
2. In my most recent commune dream we were all way more stylish.
3. In my most recent commune dream we lived in nice bedrooms with decent furniture and cool lamps, not dorm-ish style rooms with institutional cinder block walls and ugly composite board desks.
4. In my most recent commune dream we had a fucking brewery!!!

I'll be honest, this commune was actually pretty sweet. We were all friends who did nice things for one another and said nice things to each other. Everything ran as smoothly as you could hope, we all shared the responsibility as well as the spoils. We had a motherfucking brewery, yo!
I have no problem with fresh fruits and vegetables, tasty beer and attractive furnishings. I don't have any plans in the works filed under 'Communes I'm thinking about joining" but something could have been misfiled, I guess.

Oh man, I bet the skies are always blue in our beer filled commune world.

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