Monday, September 17, 2007

The ones that started it all...

It's peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie fun time!

Well, to be honest, I cannot guarantee the fun part but it's most definitely peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie time!

These are the very first Cookie Tuesday cookies, my friends. Decades ago I made these for my wonderful coworkers and a tradition was born out of desperation for a more enjoyable work place. Cookies are fucking awesome and make everything better, basically.

Also, this cookie making was fueled by Bad Company, Foreigner, Three Dog Night and Booker T. & the MG's. So you must realize that this can only produce something delicious.

And I would like to point out my cow butter dish discreetly watching out for these kids. It's one hell of a butter dish, let me tell you.

Now let me tell you something else: Clowns are fucking creepy. I have just realized this. I know, I know, everyone else in the world has known this for centuries. But it took me a little bit longer. The second episode of the second season of Supernatural features an incredibly creepy killer clown. And if you just so happen to watch this episode alone in an apartment with creaky floor boards and all the lights turned off and crows flapping outside your window you will be fucking creeped out.

This is a true fact.

Cookie Sensei, out!

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