Monday, September 10, 2007

The Cookie Tuesday Gospel

Welcome to my potentially lame Cookie Tuesday blog. I am apprehensive about this because I do not know how much I truly have to say about my delicious children every single week. So there is a very real possibility that I will quit this within the month. But I'm not cynical.

Moving on, in this inaugural Cookie Tuesday post I give you Loreos!!!

They are back! And probably about as good as ever! Maybe even slightly worse!

I will briefly tell you my cookie process that is generally the same every single week. Because I live for consistency.

1) Get home, grab beer, avoid kitchen for at least 2 hours.
2) Grab second beer, finally decide to mix up the cookies. This is done begrudgingly until I put my cute apron on. It is a confirmed fact that my cute apron makes almost all things better.
3) Sift dry ingredients. Mix sugar(s), butter, vanilla & eggs. Combine the two. Grab third beer.
4) Spoon those cookies like there is no tomorrow. Onto my cookie sheets. Then place them in the oven.
5) Grab fourth beer. Go through the spooning & oven schtick 6-10 times.
6) Pile cookies onto a plate in a teetering and precarious manner.
7) Go to bed knowing I have done some good here tonight.


toehairs said...

mmmm loreos AND a new blog!

Anonymous said...

its winnie.

i love it!!

Anonymous said...

i highly approve.

Melanie said...

It's super creepy that you refer to your cookies as your delicious children. Just thought I'd point that out. It's almost creepier than clowns. Also YOUR FACE!