Thursday, August 28, 2008

Peace out mofos!

I'm moving on up. Or out. I'm not sure I'd say unemployed student is up from steadily employed pseudo-adult. But I finally got a piece of the pie!

I started school on Monday. These are my classes:

Exploring Biology: Insanely frantic liberal professor. I enjoy him because he is funny and we have very similar views. I imagine this class might be uncomfortable for any serious republicans or religious folks, though. He yells about a lot things.

Drawing: We had to do two drawings of some sunflowers my teacher brought in on Tuesday, one on black paper and one on white. My white drawing ended up looking fairly boss but I totally fucked up my black drawing. When I was about halfway into totally fucking it up my teacher came over and told me these things: stop second guessing myself, stop worrying so much, stop drinking so much coffee. It was pretty constructive advice except for the last bit.

History of Rock & Roll: Nerdiest teacher ever!!! We had to go around the whole class and say our name and desert island album but he set it up in the most ridiculous way possible: Imagine you're on a plane! In order to get to your destination you must fly over some tropical island region! While flying over said region the plane starts to crash! As the plane is ripping to shreds you manage to grab your iPod but your clumsy fingers delete all but one album! Because your fingers are clumsy but also intelligent the one album they didn't delete is this...! Also, tell everyone your name.
When I was telling this to Melanie she said it sounded like something I would say. Which is probably true.

French: Bonjour! I learned some Frenchy things.

Blah blah blah.


RIP Cookie Tuesday. These Shasmabons were my swan song:

Oh, how delicious you are Shasmabons. Oh, how you make me feel crazy when people ask about you name and I explain that it's a unicorn name.

I went to an X Files party a few weeks ago. It was awesome. I made Black Oil Worm Cupcakes:

And Alien Macaroons:

Nothing else is baking related.

It kind of feels like summer is dead now. Maybe that storm last night killed it? Either way I'm okay with it. Autumn means my birfday!!! Hi ho Silver awaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!

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cp said...

does this mean this blog is dead? boo-urns.