Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh Macaroon.

Chocolate Macaroooooooooooons!

I am fairly certain these are pretty tasty. I melted semisweet chocolate and 100% cocoa unsweetened chocolate into the batter. So, it's rich and chocolatey without being too sweet. Also I can't think of a way for chocolate and coconut to not be delicious.

And now I want to show you something I love:

My mom and dad got these as a wedding gift. Obviously, they got married in the 70s. Obviously, these Pyrex mixing bowls are awesome. My mom gave these to me when I moved out mostly because I love them and use them frequently. Also, unsurprisingly, she isn't too sentimental about them considering the way their marriage ended up. I profit from others' misfortune!

While baking those macaroons I watched this movie:
The Motel!

I also kept thinking I heard the timer beeping and I would run out to the kitchen in a bit of a panic only to see 3 minutes left. I preferred watching the movie to running around in a panic. Weird.

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cp said...

oh god! the pyrex! you have a wondrous set. i have a set plus another yellow largest mixing bowl. i love them so much that it has become ridik. my mom always asks "do you know how much those are worth!!!". so, i checked. they are worth a pretty penny. but keep using them, i say. also, i demand macaroons for chuckfest saturday morning. yes i am.