Monday, January 14, 2008


This is my first official Cookie Tuesday Bloggy McBlogerson of the new year! Hooray for another year of cookies that are usually pretty good!

Unfortunately my mother is currently holding my camera hostage and has been since Christmas so tonight's blog with be photo-less for the time being. I will take a cookie photog with my disposable camera and perhaps even my fisheye but you won't see those for a while.
I will be as visually descriptive as I can, though!

So, tonight's cookies were really Melanie's brainchild. (Side note: At first I typed branchild rather than brainchild. These mean very different things. I laugh.)
I came up with a (hopefully) tasty execution of them but the theme was all her.


I made my chunky peanut butter & bittersweet chocolate chunk cookies and folded in small pieces of dehydrated strawberries.
I tried one version first were I just mixed in the strawberries regular-like, which meant there was at least one part of a strawberry on the surface, but discovered quickly that, unless the strawberries remain inside the cookie, they will get darkened and crunchy. They don't really burn, they just look and taste dissatisfactorily. So on my second go I hand-folded 1-3 pieces (depending on strawberry size and cookie size) into the middle of my cookies, then dropped them on the cookie sheet. This way they moisten slightly and also absorb a light peanut butter flavor. So the peanut butter & berry flavors are truly mingling, just like in a PB&J!!!!!!!!!!!

I think these cookies are wonderful. Hopefully other people will too!

In other news,

I have no other news. My life is boring right now. Except for my creepy psycho killer chicken dreams. Those are far from boring. They are un-boring.


Cherish said...

After sampling one of these delicious cookies, I have to say I like the direction you are moving in. I would like to see more cookies based on other types of desserts. Keep on bakin'!

Emily said...

I thought they were Whoopie pies when I saw that picture. Mmmmmm.... whoopie pies.