Monday, October 22, 2007

Ginger Cookies Drizzled With Lame.

So these are ginger cut-out cookies drizzled with bittersweet chocolate.
And here is how it goes:
Oh man! These cookies are so cute! I bet they are super delicious as well! I will taste one!
Oh man! I just tasted one and it was not too fantastic! I hear these are supposed to be ginger, but I can't taste that too much! And should they really be that crisp?! At least they look good, though! Because that's what is truly important!

I did have one triumph this evening:

Today was Steve's birthday and I definitely forgot to make this wonderful birthday cookie for him yesterday evening. Because I was way too busy watching The Lost Boys. So I made it tonight and it is glorious. I had to bake the cookies in 9 inch springform pans. So not only is it glorious, it is also gigantasaurus. And that's chocolate cream cheese filling & topping. And a sad attempt at spelling Happy Bday in m&ms. Those fuckers are hard to write with. And apparently in real people size my photo is blurry. Which is a bummer. Just imagine how beautiful it is because I am way too lazy to take another picture. And yes those are mini semisweet chocolate chips scattered around the m&ms!!!

Post Cookie Update:

So my work peoples seemed to enjoy the cookies and they grew on me over time. Not literally grew on me, that would be weird.


CJ said...

That filing/topping sounds delicious.

Cherish said...

I am eating some of these cookies right now. I will say that they aren't very ginger-y but they are very yumm-y. My favorite shape is the triceratops. When I was a kid I used to think that the different shapes of cookies tasted different - especially animal crackers. The lions tasted the best but only if they weren't broken. Broken animal crackers never tasted as good.

rahfie said...

more ginger. always. more. ginger.